I have never watched the popular TV series Amazing Race. I have, however, watched every season of the Amazing Race Canada! 
I love to see the Canadian version as its like going on a cross-Canada adventure and seeing the incredible landscape, and all the unique towns and cities. We also get to learn so much about Canadian history. 

A few weeks ago we finally got to see the much anticipated season opener featuring our own City of Kamloops. It was cool to see the contestants zip-lining over the Ajax mine site; chasing cows at Circle Creek Ranch; and a final stop at the Kamloops Bike Ranch. 
Part of the excitement of this show is seeing how well the paired up couples work together, and in many cases, how frustrated they get as they attempt to get to the finish line.

This is just like relationships. There will no doubt be obstacles, challenges, hurdles, and some very tough terrain to get through. Its not always going to be easy. There are so many people that will throw in the towel too early because things might not go exactly as they had hoped. The ones that stick it out, persevere, stay on course, and compromise are the ones that will succeed. They will also look back at those difficult tasks and be grateful for them. In many cases the adversity will bring them closer together.  

I recently attended the wedding nuptials of a couple I matched. It was really special seeing them become husband and wife. To know I played a small part in getting them to this point filled my heart with gladness. Not only are these two absolutely gorgeous on the outside, they are equally as beautiful on the inside. They both had open minds and hearts when they met. That is truly the key to successful relationships.  
It occurred to me at the wedding that these two were like Amazing Race participants and due to their hard work, and dedication they reached this leg of the race. 

Connecting people is a little like giving one person a candle, and the other one a match. Their job is to keep that spark alive together and ensure their love will continue to shine bright. 
If I give a couple all of the ingredients for a meal along with the recipe, they need to start cooking. Some people may not leave the oven on long enough. I could give a couple a blank canvas and two paint brushes, but they have to start painting. Some will put the brushes down before adding some vibrant color that will completely make it a masterpiece. I could give a couple seeds to plant with soil that is ready, but without water and light it will not grow.

Relationships are not 50-50.  You can’t put in just 50 percent. They are 100-100. Give the best of yourself and then the plants will grow, while you hang up your beautiful art, while enjoying a gourmet meal by candlelight. If you are happy and single and ready to get cooking, or planting, or painting, I’ve got the ingredients, the seeds and a couple of paint brushes. Contact me at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca