Here we are.  After writing 2 dating columns a month since Feb 2017, this is my last submission.  I mentioned in my previous column I would be revealing my favorite couple since starting this process and as you will see by the photo, – it’s my husband Chris and I.  This doesn’t mean we are a perfect couple or that we haven’t faced our share of problems and up and downs.  Relationships are hard work.  It didn’t occur to me that immersing myself in this business would make me realize how grateful I am to have my perfect match.  I have heard so many stories of jealousy, control, insecurities, and many who have unrealistic expectations of each other.  Believe me, we have had our battles.  I have an Irish background and he is a fiery red head.  

My husband has supported me completely since I donned my cupid wings and started aiming my arrow.  He never once had an issue with me going out for coffee meetings with single men every day.  One man I met with told me he would never let his wife do this job.   
I am 5’6″, and Chris is 5’7″.  I have met with women who are 5’3″ and they actually say they won’t date a man under 5’9″ .  I have had men tell me they won’t date women with short hair.  Many of these people who want a partner, but have so much criteria will most likely remain single.  They call it ‘ not wanting to settle’  Where as I call it, missing out on an amazing person who could be your perfect match.
My husband and I met on line back before there were apps and people just swiped away photos.   If you can believe it, I didn’t even have a photo and I was just navigating this system to see how it worked.  Chris started talking to me even though I didn’t have a photo. ( That does not happen now)  We spoke for a few weeks and he still didn’t even know who I was.  When I finally told him my name, he actually had 2nd thoughts as he knew ‘of me’ and based on what he thought he knew, he was pretty sure I wasn’t the kind of person he would be interested in.  Luckily he trusted his instincts based on our conversations and we met, fell in love, and here we are today all these years later.

I want to thank all my friends and family for their support over the last 5 yrs, and my business colleagues who helped guide me with their knowledge and insight when I was doubting myself.   Thank you to Neil Allkins of Save On Foods Sahali who has sponsored me from the very start with his wine store.  He also allowed me to put a sign up and sponsor the ‘Single Banana’ section in the produce aisle.  ( The first sign was stolen out of the banana section and someone SPLIT with it and PEELED out of the parking lot)   Neil is a gem and his staff are top notch.  

Thank you to Nandi Spolia who also has been there from the beginning.  His Restaurant ‘Harvest by Nandi’ in the Double Tree Hotel downtown is a place you must try.  He has always helped with prizing and gift certs and is so generous to our community.
Thank you to Kamloops This Week for allowing me to have this platform all these years to help me build my business.  Every time I asked people how they heard about me, the majority of times was in this very paper.  It’s important to support it and take it from me that the advertising works!!  Thank you to Chris Foulds who always edited my ramblings before press time and the whole team at KTW in production, sales and Management.  

Lastly, Thank you to the readers for taking time to enjoy these columns.  I have loved your feedback and comments.  Even though this is the last column I am doing, it won’t be the end of reading some of my work.  I hope to get your support next year when I write a book about my Matchmaking experience, and offer some behind the scenes stories of the business of love.  Keep reading this paper for information on that next year.  
Until then, I am officially taking off my wings, but unofficially, don’t be surprised if I still ask you if you are single…