The late George Michael had a hit song called Faith. The song does not refer to religion, but rather in the belief he is going to get the girl of his dreams.

Several women have recently told me they want to find someone who shares their faith.

But lately it’s hard enough to find men who are breathing, let alone ones who share in someone’s exact religious loyalty. (I also think I would look a little conspicuous attending the Anglican, United, Alliance, and Catholic churches all on the same weekend.)

This brings us back to faith. We all have faith in one way or another: Faith that we will wake up in the morning, faith our friends will get us through tough times and faith everything will work out.

While many relationships do form in church communities, you can’t always expect to meet someone with the exact same political or religious views. Don’t get me wrong — if you are a devout follower of a certain religion, I wouldn’t match you up with Bill Ligertwood.

In my opinion, more important than one’s religion is tolerance and acceptance of all beliefs or non-beliefs. Christians and Atheists alike sometimes feel it’s their way or no way. Then there are the people who just have faith in each other. I know couples on opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum that are happily married and respectful of each other. The first question I ask single people is not going to be what religion they follow.

There is one thing I will ask you to believe in though: me. If you want someone kind and considerate, I’ll do my best. If you want someone with a bit of sass and attitude, I can do that, too. And if you still want someone who follows a specific religion, I’m up for the challenge, but it will take a bit longer.

You just gotta have faith.

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