I love people-watching.
One of my favourite pastimes is grabbing a coffee and a newspaper, finding a patio and observing people and their behaviours. It’s always entertaining to see how people react when a beautiful woman or man walks by. There are double takes and obvious, long stares.
I appreciate beauty.I  also respect an athletic build and a healthy body as I know the work and discipline that goes into keeping that body in shape. These perfect-looking people may not be the perfect match for you, but it is still fine to acknowledge their looks.
Even though someone may be beautiful, they could still be lacking something important that is the most attractive quality in men and women — confidence.
Nothing is more attractive than confidence. By confidence, I don’t mean arrogance or cockiness.  Imagine sitting on a patio and seeing an average-looking man walk by. Let’s even say you think this man is less than average looking based on first impression. He has long, scraggly hair and a wrinkled shirt and is a bit too skinny for your liking.
You say you would never ever consider a meet-and-greet and that you are 100 per cent certain you would never be attracted to him. That night, you are attending a music festival with friends as live music is one of your favourite activities. As the band hits the stage, you are gobsmacked to see the lead singer happens to be the very same man you saw earlier that day — and he is wearing the very same clothes.
He grabs his guitar and the microphone and you witness him doing his thing in his comfort zone. His confidence shines. You notice many women swooning over him at the front of the stage, where he throws them teasing smiles during his set. You suddenly realize you are, in fact, 100 per cent attracted to this man now.
Confidence is attractive.
If I sent a photo of this man, I don’t think many women would be open to a meet-and-greet. After the music gig, though, I bet every one of those women who were single would have said yes to a date.  This is why I get frustrated when people try to convince me they won’t be attracted to someone based on a photo.
It’s not just musicians, either. An artist painting a portrait, a comedian telling jokes, a courtroom lawyer delivering a cross-examination, a vet operating on your dog, a nerdy IT employee saving all of your computer files,  a chef, a mechanic, an architect, a bartender — the list goes on and on.  Confidence can be sexy. I wish we could give people a chance to show their confidence, rather than being so quick to dismiss them.
Given how much emphasis people place on photos, it may be worth getting a professional photographer to capture some shots of you in your element. Maybe we can get a single photographer because watching a photographer in action is pretty sexy. Then you may not even need to send the photos to me.
If you are a happy, single person, contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca.
After getting together, you will be a lot more confident. I promise.