Question: What do whisky, cheddar cheese, jeans, balsamic vinegar, cast iron skillets, pickles and wine have in common?
Answer: They all get better with age.
There are many things that age well and, the longer you have them, the move valuable they become.  Your house, for instance. Your car, on the other hand, depreciates the day you buy it.
Summer is a time of many high school reunions and, for those who graduated 30, 40 or 50 years ago, it’s quite interesting to meet people you haven’t been in contact with since high school to see how different they look.
It’s no secret that to best prepare for your senior years, you need to avoid, sun, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. Of course, there are the lucky ones who are just born with great genes and never show their age.
I have come across some men recently who have mentioned they think they need a younger woman for the next chapter of their life. I try to gently remind men and women that  age is just a number and what’s more important is being equally healthy and well. If men and women can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and go biking, hiking, skiing or kayaking together, what difference does five or 10 years make?
In Hollywood, there are many women substantially older than their partners. Madonna is 29 years older than her partner (yes, I know, it’s Madonna, after all). Julianne Moore is nine years older than her husband of many years, Katie Couric is six years older, Halle Berry is nine years older and Robin Wright Penn has 14 years on her hubby.
Geena Davis, Demi Moore, Kate Hudson and Tina Turner are all older than their spouses. Hugh Jackman’s wife is 12 years older than him and they have been married for 21 years. I am one year older than my husband, so when I am 65, he will be 64. Yet the other day, when I suggested to a 64-year-old man that I had a 65-year-old woman who would be a fabulous match for him, he looked somewhat disappointed.
I had a refreshing talk with a gentleman who admitted when he first started doing my matchmaking that he was excited at the opportunity to meet a younger woman. What he found out, though, was this younger woman could never take off travelling or be available when he wanted because she had kids, a job and other commitments that didn’t quite align with his retired lifestyle.
I don’t believe in requesting ages for matchmaking, unless you are looking to have kids, as that becomes a bit more specific. What is more important than age is how active, healthy and fit someone is. The women I deal with in their 60s could run circles around the men I know in their 60s. I have a woman in her mid-60s who would leave most 40- and 50-year-old men gasping for breath climbing up a mountain.
Guys should not forget the facts. Statistics don’t lie. Women outlive men. There are many reasons to back this up. I am sure some of the guys reading this are grumbling at me right now. I am not saying there are no active older men out there. There are — take Bruce Butcher, for example. If you don’t know his story, go online to and search his name for a story KTW reporter Marty Hastings did on him.
I have set up men who are 10 years older than women and vice versa. The point of matchmaking is to find someone who is a perfect fit for you. I have men and women who are elite athletes. Obviously, I am not sending those people to someone who lies around eating junk food and watching Netflix. It’s about physical attraction, common interests and, of course, chemistry. It doesn’t matter who is five years older  What matters is that you both dig each other.
Maybe you can help me match these active ladies with some active men.
Do you know any single, active, happy, healthy men in their 60s, 70s or 80s? Let me know and I will put your name in a draw for two nine-hole passes to the Mount Paul Golf Course. Alternatively, if you are between 25 and 40, tired of swiping and ready to meet your life partner, I can help with that, too.
Meanwhile, I am going to go pull out those old high school jeans that apparently have gotten better with age. I am not sure what I will do with them. Maybe wash the car.
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