It’s hard to believe we are now in to the “ber” months until the end of the year. 
We certainly have lived through one of the more surreal summers in recent history.  Trying to juggle COVID-19, vaccination and wildfire numbers was even too much for most mathematicians. My husband was distracted the whole month of July watching the Tour De France, followed by the Olympics, while I embarrassingly binged through too many Netflix series.

Both of us recently found ourselves captivated by a new series called Clickbait.
From the moment it started, we were hooked. Other shows that kept us coming back for more were Animal Kingdom, The Undoing, You, Mind hunter, Your Honor, Bridgerton, Dead to Me and many more.  After binging through The Crown, I had withdrawals and had to accept that the next season could very well be two years away.
Many of our friends have been telling us to watch a series called Yellowstone. I wasn’t that enthusiastic as I am not a big fan of Westerns. When I actually considered it, there just seemed to be more enticing titles on the screen, so I kept putting it off. 
Finally, we buckled (no pun intended) and gave it a whirl.  After about 40 minutes into the first episode, I decided I just could not carry on with it. I like Kevin Costner, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. My husband suggested we give it a proper attempt and, if after three episodes, I still felt the same, we would scrap it.

At that moment, I had an epiphany. This is exactly the same advice I give my clients about their dating. My rule of thumb, which is optional, of course, is: If there is nothing alarming or upsetting on the first meet-up, it’s a good idea to give it another couple of dates because, by then, it will be evident if you want to keep pursuing the relationship or dissolve it. First dates can be awkward and nervous and it takes time to feel comfortable.

I had a woman tell me after a first date how difficult it seemed to get her match to open up and chat. She said it was like pulling teeth. She also said she wasn’t overly attracted to him.
I was surprised that she agreed to see him again. As it turns out, they went golfing on the second date and had a good time. They laughed and talked and, what do you know, she suddenly found herself quite attracted to him. It is now three years later and they live together.  

So, by the third episode of Yellowstone, I realized I was really getting into it. I wasn’t consumed or obsessed, as I was with some of the other series, but there is enough scandal and drama — not to mention all the fun cowboys — to keep me coming back. But what really keeps me captivated is Kelly Reilly who plays Beth Dutton. She steals every scene she is in and is absolutely mesmerizing. So, trust me to give Yellowstone a few episodes and your match a few dates.

If you decide, after three episodes, that you just aren’t feeling it, then we can move on. Not everyone likes cowboys. You could try Lupin if you like magicians, Behind Her Eyes if you like mind games or Tiger King if you like men who adore cats.
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