As many of you know, I am passionate about matchmaking.
Ten months ago, I turned my hobby into a fully incorporated company and am in my first official year as a matchmaker.
There are times that seem pretty daunting when I realize I am competing against dozens of free online dating apps. The stories that are coming to me about those apps are obviously causing many hours of frustration.
Another topic I am pretty passionate about is shopping local.  My friends cringe when they get something new as they know as soon as I spot it, the first words out of my mouth are, “Where’d you get it?”  For as long as I can remember, I have always felt the community we choose to live in is one we should support.
I am not saying I have never bought anything out of town but, for the most part, I would never go out of town to do my Christmas, car  or even clothing shopping. I am a big shop local advocate and, when people ask where I got something, I am quick to provide them with the local address in Kamloops.
That being said, I also feel the local business community needs to take accountability to inform our local consumers about what products they carry or services they offer.  So in other words, advertise local-shop local.
This is my time to segue into dating. The last couple of months, I have had many women lament to me they feel there are no quality single men in Kamloops and it might be time to broaden their search to Vernon, Kelowna, or even Vancouver.
They have even asked about the expensive big city dating agencies that charge $10,000 for a year!
This has me defending the men in Kamloops I know are out there but just haven’t come forward yet. (I have seen the census numbers).
I have told these women they need to stay local and Kamloops has great single, healthy, active, smart, kind, sweet, fun guys  — and they ask where?
These guys also have an obligation to advertise locally. Not publicly so everyone can see like they do on Plenty of Fish or Our Time, but just to indicate to me you are “open for business” so we can keep these women in Kamloops and I can prove to them they don’t need to go to Kelowna to find good men.
Guys, you don’t need to stand on the street in a mascot costume waving a sign to get attention, but a simple, discreet, private email to me to let me know you are here. Even if I have these ladies just start some window shopping, at least let’s keep them local.
Speaking of local, Save-On-Foods is a huge local supporter.  f you are one of the guys to send me an email this week, I will pass along a $50 gift certificate to Save-On for you this week. Contact me, your local matchmaker, at