I have never been a big fan of shopping.
I get anxiety just thinking about spending hours going in and out of stores and wandering aimlessly through the aisles. Don’t get me wrong — I am experienced at spending money (locally, of course). I just go when I know what I need, then I get strategic about where I am going to buy it.
My mom and sister, on the other hand, can actually head out “shopping” in the morning and return in the afternoon with only a couple of bags each to show for it. What the heck were they doing?
Some people talk about shopping like it’s a treat. They even plan shopping trips.
All of this shop talk occurred to me when I was talking to someone this week about what kind of person they were looking to meet. The answer surprised me.
“I have no idea” they replied. “I think I’ll know when I meet them.”
That was refreshing to hear.
I appreciate some obvious things are important — you might want to date a non-smoker, someone who is healthy and respectful. However, as for physical traits like hair, height, eye colour and shoe size, these things can’t possibly be ordered up ahead of time. I realize physical attraction is vital to begin a relationship, but for many couples, that special spark and chemistry came after really getting to know each other.
I know some friends who go shopping together help each other decide what outfit looks great on them. They rely on each other for an honest perspective to help them see things differently. For example, maybe you have always worn jeans and a T-shirt, but if you considered trying on capris and a blouse, your friends might reassure you that you have made a good fashion choice.
The same can be said for matchmaking. If you are open to trying on different outfits, you may find your choice is one you never thought you would take off the hanger in the first place.
Every December, as the staff Christmas party approaches, I hear women in the office talk excitedly about going to look at new dresses for the occasion. Some plan to mix it up with a fancy formal gown, while others go for a more snazzy, sparkly, edgy outfit.
Maybe you should be open to something that doesn’t look overly amazing on the hanger, but once you put it on, it’s surprisingly perfect. Or, you can do what I do each year when getting ready for the soiree — wear the previous year’s outfit.
As much as I am not a fan of shopping for myself, I do have a great selection of matches for you to consider and they could very well be the perfect fit. If you are single and happy and would like a partner with whom to go shopping, contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca. This week, I will draw for a $50 gift certificate to Save-On-Foods in Sahali.