As we close the door on what for some is the most depressing month of the year, we head into February, which for others can be just as disappointing if they are hoping to have a partner by Valentine’s Day.This may sound like a weird statement coming from a matchmake, but here it is: I am not a big fan of Feb. 14. February has long been designated the month of love and there are many different theories about St. Valentine.Valentine’s Day began to get popular in the 17th century. Since then, flower shops, chocolatiers and card shops have rejoiced. I remember distinctly in elementary school when we all had our decorated pink and red Valentine pouches put up across the classroom, in which the kids would secretly place cute warm and fuzzy Valentines.I think now about those few kids who received only about three cards from a classroom of 25 kids. For many students, the Day of Love was more like the Day of Doom.I am guessing schools have now incorporated a much more civilized approach to the day and that everyone gives each kid a card.For many people, the angst of Valentine’s Day continues. We are inundated with social media posts, ads, commercials and messages of smitten couples. The day can also be hard on long-term couples  as there can be big expectations followed by letdowns at the end of the day.I watch The Bachelor and enjoy following the totally unrealistic fantasy dates in which a helicopter picks up the lady in waiting and whisks her off to a mountaintop, where a pair of horses happen to be waiting, along with champagne and a rose.I am all for romance, but I don’t think it has to come with so much pressure. How about a hand-written note or a scavenger hunt leading to where you first met? How about arranging for a friend to take the kids while you enjoy a homemade dinner in peace and quiet?For those of you who are envious of couples on Valentine’s Day, you can take comfort because most of them will be doing on Feb. 14 exactly what they did the day before.I have exciting news for you, though. I am putting together a friends and family group night at the Kamloops Blazers-Victoria Royals game on Wednesday, Feb. 13. I am rounding up some amazing prizes and everyone who attends will be entered into the draws.Bring along your co-workers and friends, Make it a girls’ night out, a singles night, a couples night or a  family night. This might be the night you meet that special someone. For only $21, you get a ticket to the game, a hot dog, a pop and a chance at winning some great door prizes.Email me at and let me know how many tickets you want.Meanwhile, don’t forget to get those cute little Valentine messages done for every kid in the class.