Have you ever bought a car without taking it for a test drive? Have you ever purchased a bed without finding out if it is comfortable? Would you buy running shoes without trying them on first? Two weeks ago, I spoke about chemistry in the relationship.

This week, I have decided to practise what I preach and went for coffee with a gentleman I am ultimately hoping to set up. I found I was nervous at first and had to remind myself this was, in fact, research and not a date.

He had sparkling blue eyes, a dazzling smile and we had a great conversation. I hope to find him a fabulous lady because he deserves it. I have also come across an incredible group of single ladies who are 60 and over — vibrant, energetic, attractive, hilarious women I totally want to hang out with.

I need 55-plus men — please!

It is important that I remind readers: if you know someone who is single, have them contact me.

I have had a few “moms” email me for their “sons,” which is very thoughtful, but I need to know if these guys are, in fact, looking for a girlfriend.

Some quick pointers for those who aren’t quite ready to reach out to me yet. There are so many ways to meet new people in Kamloops: If you like coffee, walk in to order rather than using the drive-thru. If you love cooking, join a class. If you go grocery shopping, step out of your comfort zone and make conversation in the checkout line. If you are a health nut, hang out in the organic section and avoid the guy with the cart full of Doritos and soda pop. If you like firefighters . . . no, don’t start a fire, but maybe your cat has been eyeing up her favourite tree). If you like hockey, the Kamloops Blazers are getting ready for the playoffs.

And, if you like comedy, there’s a great show coming up at On The Rocks in Aberdeen. This month, I will be drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate and privately contacting you if you are the winner. Email me at tara@kamloopsthisweek.com to be entered in the draw.

Finally, one of the best places to meet single people is Run Club. Boogie the Bridge training just started and many people join Run Club to socialize and meet other people. Even if you have no intention of running, you will meet friends and, potentially, a partner — and you will get healthier along the way.

So, grab a new pair of runners and join, but don’t forget to try those shoes on first.