There are some things in life that you just can’t replace with new ones.For me, one of those items is a ball glove. I had the same one for many years. The older it got, the better it performed.(I wish I could say that about my knees.)My ball glove was so old that the name and phone number I had written on it had worn off, so the day I lost it, I knew I would never slide my hand into that comfortable mitt again.I bought a new glove, which was stiff, cold and unfamiliar. I discovered interesting ways one can break in a ball glove. Some people rub oil all over the glove, then place the ball directly in the pocket and wrap string tightly around the mitt to hold it in place for a few days. Others take a mallet, lay the glove down and give it a good solid beating, which sounds a bit extreme.One thing I learned about breaking in the glove was that it takes patience.  When I went on the cattle drive many years ago, I listened to a man talk about how he had broken in his horse. Some treats and encouragement seemed to do the trick and, within three weeks, the horse was ready to ride. I know running shoes don’t take as long to break in, but I certainly know better than going to Runners Sole, buying brand new runners and doing a marathon the very next day.  Some things take time — including meeting new people.My new glove felt so strange for a while. If I missed a ball, I certainly wasn’t going to toss the glove aside and get a different one for the next game, thinking that one would perform better. I have to remind myself it’s a new glove and to give it some time.Some men and women who have been widowed or divorced after being with the same person for many, many years tend to compare the new potential match to their previous partner. Of course you are always going to remember the familiar partner with whom you spent so much time, but you need to be patient and focus on getting to know this new partner, as they may have some amazing attributes that your former spouse didn’t.For those of you who want to wear a different glove for every game, the chances of finding the right one may pass you by if you don’t have the patience to give one glove a chance. My suggestion is to not discount someone so quickly in the first inning, as they might be the one who not only takes you through a double-header, but is there for a lifetime supply of peanuts and Cracker Jack.  If you aren’t sure about your first match, try some oil and string, but leave the mallet alone. If you are happy and single and looking to get to first base, contact me by email at and we will see if we can get you a home run.