Are you private or public about being single?

Just to clarify, I will always be private about you being single. I am really surprised at the varied content of emails I receive from single men and women interested to learn more about my matchmaking. Some are cautious and apprehensive, while others are open and forthcoming. Both approaches, by the way, are totally fine. Most importantly, remember there is nothing wrong with being single.

Think back to how cool Mary Tyler Moore was. I am hoping for some specific feedback this week from any single people out there. I have been getting requests from some motivated singles to start doing some mix-and-mingle events. I already know certain people who are shaking their head at the very thought, while others I know would be totally down for it. Here’s some ideas we have been tossing around.

I was speaking to Neil at Save-On- Foods in Sahali about a possible Singles in the Summer at Save- On shopping night. We would have a singles- only time frame and you could multitask while picking up ingredients for your summer barbecue — then perhaps stop off for a wine tasting on your way out. I have also spoken to Missy at the Kamloops Blazers and we are planning a Singles Section night in February, with a possible pre-game mixer at the Parkside Lounge. Sonja at Travelwise suggested maybe looking at the possibility of a Singles Trip.

Out of curiosity, would you or the singles you know take part in any of these kind of events? I know a fun group of single people — men and women — who dine and dance together and I know this group would be the ones in the Singles Section at Sandman Centre, waving to the Fan Cam and quite proud of their single status. Then there’s the group that would be hiding at home on a Friday night, snuggled in for a sinister episode of Dateline. I don’t blame them, even though Keith Morrison is so dramatic.

If you were looking for a job, sooner or later you would have to get out and shake some hands and network and not rely only on sending a resume by email. The same applies when looking for a relationship. If you want to look privately, or socially, I am here to help.

I would love to hear some other ideas you would like to do with a group of single people. From those suggestions I will draw for a $50 gift certificate to Nandi’s Flavours of India. Contact me by email at