There is a crazy phenomenon happening in Kamloops. I definitely have to inform our sports department about it.

This may sound shocking, but it sounds like there is a large group of women scouting for the NBA. It has be to true because each time I make suggestions to ladies about a potential match for them, the first words out of their mouth are. “How tall is he?” Seriously, ladies, are you still living in the era of tall, dark and handsome? Thankfully I never bought into that phrase. If you know me, you know I go for more of the short, red, rugged kind of guy.

I’m not sure why so many women feel their men must be taller than them. Maybe it’s the men who are intimidated by taller women, but I think Keith Urban still looks pretty confident with Nicole Kidman towering over him and Sean Penn didn’t look any less manly on the red carpet with Charlize Theron. Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Sum 41, stands 5-foot-5 and his wife checks in at 5-feet-9. So, why is height so important if you aren’t looking for a one-on one partner? When I think of activities couples do, I wonder at what point height gets in the way. Whether hiking, bowling, biking, skiing, dancing, cuddling in front of the TV, camping or engaged in the bedroom Olympics lying down, there is no way a few inches is going to make that much of a difference. I guess the only time it would be helpful to have a tall partner is for reaching that bowl sitting in the back of the top cupboard.

A few columns back, I spoke of my confusion on why women don’t propose marriage in this day and age. Same-sex couples are leading the way by example. It doesn’t matter who asks and it doesn’t matter who is taller. We need to let go of these old-fashioned traditions. Rather than asking how tall he is, perhaps we should consider more meaningful questions: How kind is he? How funny is he? How loyal is he? How active is he? How healthy is he? Is he a good father? Is he a nice ex-husband? I know men who are between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-8 and they stand out far more than their six-foot counterparts. The reason is simple — it’s confidence.

So, ladies, ease up on the serious height restrictions as I would hate for you to miss out on a guy who may be just as cool and kind as Kelly Olynyk, but just not as tall.

This week, I want to treat a couple who fits the awesome example of a woman who is taller than her male partner. If you send me a photo, I’ll draw for a $50 gift certificate to Nandi’s Flavours of India. If you are single and looking, I want to hear from you by email at