In 1887, a fictional private detective was created with an uncanny talent at observation, forensic science and logical reasoning.
This character has been depicted more than any other in TV, books and movies. Some people actually think Sherlock Holmes was a real individual. Having the same last name as this fictional sleuth, kids at school used to call me Sherlock. Some even thought I was related to him.
I had almost forgotten about that piece of my childhood until I received a couple of unique requests over the last two weeks. I have heard from hundreds of people (more women than men, as you know) who have asked me to help them change their relationship status.
My matchmaking business is ready for those requests. I have turned my hobby into an actual business. Holmes is Where The Heart is Matchmaking Ltd. is now an incorporated company — the first of its kind in Kamloops. There are two in Kelowna and many in Vancouver.
Even though I do a lot of research, and also some sleuthing, I’m not a private investigator. However, given a couple of requests I recently received, I felt like Sherlock.
I had someone ask me to set them up with someone — someone specific. They actually named the person and asked me to look into their availability. In fact, this turned out to be an easy task. No prospecting or research at all. It turns out the object of the desire recently met someone, but they were flattered and appreciative. Of course, I never reveal my sources. Even if this person had been single, it certainly wouldn’t guarantee the two would be a match for each other.
The only criteria I have when working for people is that they are single and happy. If you would like to learn more about how personalized matchmaking differs from the free online dating sites, there are many articles about the subject. For now, take a look at my new website designed by Sean Graham of Kamloops This Week My new email contact is
Contact me in confidence with any inquiries on finding your perfect match. This week, I will draw for a $50 gift certificate to Nandi’s Flavours of India.
I am confident, given the amount of amazing women who have sent me their information, that it would be a simple feat to connect a single man to one of these wonderful ladies. However, finding a single man these days may require a magnifying glass, crystal ball and GPS device. If all else fails, a good private investigator may be next on my list.