In 1982, the Weather Girls had a Grammy-nominated number-one dance hit called ‘t’s Raining Men. A line in the song included “For the First time in History it’s raining Men” I can certainly identify with that, as tracking down single men is proving to be challenging. Unlike women who are great at putting themselves out there, you rarely see men going to single events or speed dating nights. Obviously, no one is going to events now due to the pandemic, but men are generally not comfortable in those scenarios. I regularly take a cruise through, Plenty of Fish, Our Time and a few other dating apps, and it appears that single men seem comfortable hiding behind their computer screen with sunglasses, ball caps and big fish covering their bodies. Guys, seriously, take off the hats and glasses and don’t stand in your bathroom taking a selfie. And, for the love of God, don’t give yourself the name Lonely Single Guy. Trust me, women don’t want to be with a lonely man. Women want to be with a happy, busy, independent guy. 

This past Valentine’s Day weekend, I did an interview with the CBC about finding love during a pandemic. I didn’t realize it was a national interview and, sure enough, on the Monday morning after that weekend, I received emails from women across Canada. I did my best to send them to the big city matchmakers, but it was interesting to hear from women in Montreal, Toronto, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Vancouver, etc. It appears men are a bit more apprehensive to reach out. My theory goes back to the age-old stereotype before the days of GPS, when men would rather drive around the block five times than ask  for directions, whereas women will ask before even going around once. 

 If men think going to a matchmaker is a sign of weakness, that they cannot meet someone on their own, I have news for them. Going online to dating sites means you are asking their algorithms to help you In essence, it means you still can’t do it on your own. Regardless if you ask the algorithm to help you, or you ask me to help you, it means when push comes to shove, you haven’t been able to meet a match without help of some kind. The difference between me and those dating apps is I am private and discreet and I meet every person for coffee before setting them up. could care less about you. In fact, truth be told, its goal is to keep you single. 

Some guys are surprised when I mention I saw them on an online dating site. Not only have I seen them, but maybe their wives have also seen them. Yes, I recently came across a man who admitted to me he was married. Those are the kind of guys to whom I will not introduce to others.

Have you ever noticed really fit guys at a gym working with a personal trainer and you wonder why he is getting help when he is already really buff? It’s because he is upping his game. He wants to stay the course and in shape and knows a personal trainer will hold him accountable. It does not mean the person is weak. I have set up many great men in the last several years, including doctors, lawyers, two professional athletes, politicians and others. When I get good guys, I lose them right away as I match them up. I am specifically looking for men in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are healthy, active, outdoorsy and not lonely.

I am guessing there must be some men who would normally be playing old-time’s hockey, dancing at Colombo Lodge, playing soccer or curling . If you know any men like that who could possibly keep up to some amazing ladies, let me know via email at and perhaps we can change that weather forecast. Even if it’s not raining men, a light drizzle would suffice.