There is no denying the overwhelming feeling of pride when you watch the Canadian flag being raised and you hear the national anthem being played after one of our athletes wins a gold medal at the Olympics.Flags have long represented nations, but many flags also use colours in a symbolic way, such as the  Rainbow Flag, designed in 1978 to symbolize equality for the LGBTQ+ community and raised and flown proudly during Pride Week and in associated parades.  There are also flags that serve as warning signs. If you are at a beach and see a purple flag, it means there are jellyfish or stingrays in the water. A red flag warns of strong surf and cautions swimmers not to enter. There are eight different types of beach safety flags, which seems to indicate a lot of dangers lurking in the water.

I am sure fans of the Vancouver Canucks remember distinctly April 29, 1982, when then-coach Roger Neilson put a white towel on top of a hockey stick and lifted it from the bench, waving it around to signal a mock surrender during a playoff game against the Blackhawks in Chicago Stadium.In my business, I hear a lot about red flags. Men and women have long lists of what they feel are red flags to stop them from entering a relationship. While I think it is definitely important to be aware of important signs that could be worrisome, I think it’s also good to focus on the green flags. In NASCAR, when a green flag is waved, racers hit the pedal and go for it. 

 Here are six green flags that are signs you have a good potential partner in life:1. They are the first person with whom you want to share good and bad news.2. You are the real, authentic you around them.3. Their communication skills are excellent, even in tough times.4. They are flexible to do things your way without being resentful or acting like they have lost.5. Your close friends are big fans.6. You’re proud to call them your partner.Other green flags include healthy hobbies, honouring boundaries, empathy, vulnerability, supporting your personal growth, spirituality and practising self-care.There are so many people who focus on the negative, rather than the positive. So, yes, be aware of the important red flags and dealbreakers, but know we all come with flaws. If you happen to be colour-blind, let me determine the red and green flags for you.If you are finally ready to raise the white flag and ditch online dating, I have some awesome people with green flags to introduce.If you are single and happy, contact me today by email at