Have you noticed that when you run into someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and you exchange pleasantries, it always includes, “Oh my gosh, you look amazing!”?A friend told me she has decided to refrain from this compliment unless she feels it is 100 per cent factual.She makes a good point. While it’s nice to build each other up, if it isn’t true, are such compliments really appropriate? Obviously, she isn’t going to say, “Wow, you look so tired” or “Gee, have you been sick?” or “Not getting enough sleep?”Perhaps she could instead ask some questions: “How’s the kids?” or “Read any good books lately?” or “How’s that new job treating you?”We often tell people what they want to hear and what will make them feel good.I have recently been scolded by a few clients who have informed me I don’t look like the photo of me in Kamloops This Week. Two years ago, KTW photographer Dave Eagles snapped a shot of me while he was on top of a ladder and a spotlight happened to be shining brightly into my face.I used that photo when I first started writing this column. Then, as I built my business and since I already had used it in the column, I kept my branding consistent and put the photo on my business cards and banners.Recently, I had my long hair cut, taking with it the old, grown-out highlights, so I figured I had better walk the walk and update my profile photo.I see dozens of profiles and photos every day and when I send one to a potential match, they reject it based solely on the photo. As much as I try to reassure the person they will be impressed once they meet face to face, by then it’s too late.So, if you are serious about matchmaking, let’s get serious about photos.Get a professional head shot and a full body shot taken and submit a lifestyle picture of you having fun. Think paddle boarding or hiking.When people see what you look like up close, and when they see your full body, there won’t be any confusion when you meet in person.I took a little on line tour this week of online dating sites Plenty of Fish and Our Time. I saw photos of Kamloops men holding up big fish and wearing sunglasses and ball caps. I am sure these guys will still be on those sites in five years. I also saw women with strategic pictures that hide most of their bodies. Ladies, you can’t hide your body in person.So that’s why you will see a new photo of me today. Paula Sword from Photoheart Studio in Kamloops snapped a head shot and a full body shot for me, so if you really want to up your game and get serious about making a great first impression, contact Paula and tell her I sent you.I still have about 500 business cards to use that have my old photo on them (like some realtors I know). Send your profiles and great photos from Paula to me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca  and put your best current face forward.