Happy New Year!  
I always find the first weekend of January the real end of the Christmas season and officially the time to snap out of holiday mode, clean out the fridge and tidy the house.
It can be a bittersweet feeling to take down the tree and put decorations away. 
I find it an easier time to start with resolutions or plans to improve parts of your life that you feel need fixing.  
January 1 just doesn’t seem like the right day for that undertaking.  
When the kids go back to school and your workplace has settled back into a routine, this can be an ideal time to pull out that list you’ve hopefully made to tackle small tasks or the big dreams, moving forward.
Many people want to commit to eating healthier, start a fitness regime, get outside in nature and, if you are a smoker, then for sure quitting smoking needs to be on your list, as most people will not date smokers.  
I have a challenge for many of you to consider for the new year.  
Even if you just try it for two or three months, to see if it works.  
I am asking you to step out of your comfort zone, and for some, this may be a really big ask as statistics show that many people are now addicted to their dating apps.
My challenge for you to consider is “off-line dating.”  
This may sound scary to actually meet someone organically, but it’s still possible.  
Lift your heads from your phones and start going in to the coffee shop instead of the drive-thru.  
Go into Save-On-Foods, rather than ordering groceries online — and how about contacting Volunteer Kamloops to find out which organizations need a hand.  
Take this paper you’re reading into the coffee shop and be open to having a conversation.  
If you are willing to take me up on my challenge and give “off-line dating” a try, I will give you the month of January for free with a three-month membership.  
One other thing you should know about my service, is that I don’t just refer to my data base for potential matches.  
I prospect — quite relentlessly. 
So, if I am working for someone and I find someone who could be a great fit for them, I don’t charge people to go on dates.  
If you would just like to let me know of your single status in case I have a match right now that happens to be your person, by all means, I want to hear from you for sure.
Happiness, for many, is a choice.  
My wish for you for 2019 is to find that feeling.  
That doesn’t mean you need a partner for it either.  
A good place to start is with your health. 
Without it, you can’t be a partner to someone.  
Peace, forgiveness, letting go of the past and good nutrition and fitness will be great steps toward making you a joyful person that will attract people into your life.
Cancel your dating apps.  
Stop swiping.  
You will feel empowered and confident. 
There is nothing is more attractive than self-confidence.  
Then, the next time you find you will need to spend a lot of time online will be for the latest wedding trends on Pinterest.  
If you are ready to learn more about off-line dating and getting introduced to someone the old-fashioned way, contact me holmes@wheretheheartis.ca  and let’s get this year started off right.