I love podcasts!  No matter what you are interested in,  there will be a podcast for it.  There are so many different genres to choose from.  There’s comedy, self help, business, news, sports, current events, medical, and on and on it goes.   I only listen to one genre of podcast.  I have a strange obsession with True Crime.    I realize sadly that horrible events need to happen for these particular podcasts to be in existence.  Much like my Friday night date with Keith Morrison of Dateline, I just can’t seem to get enough.  I listen while I am in the shower, cleaning the house, walking the dog, X Country skiing, and in the car.   

This past Christmas morning, I was up early as usual and since nobody was around due to Covid, and my husband would likely be sleeping for another couple hours, I figured I may as well put on a few episodes while sipping my egg nog and coffee.  When my husband appeared a while later, and hearing what I was listening to,  he stood shaking his head and asked me why on Christmas morning I didn’t feel the need to put on some Festive Holiday music.

My husband does  not listen to True Crime.  His happy place is going down to his Man Music Cave and playing guitar and singing for a couple hours.  Sometimes I do listen to him, , but normally I would put on my headphones and carry on with my own activity, and listen to my murder mystery, while he croons some Simon and Garfunkel.  

It actually IS possible to be happily married and have different interests.  Lately I have no idea what is getting into people when they say they need their partner to like Country music, or they need their partner to NOT like Country music.  Who cares what music you like?

One time I had a man say he liked rodeos and Music Festivals.  The woman I thought would be a good match for him said no because she does not like Music Festivals!  I understand it’s a bonus if 2 people absolutely love Concerts and you can share them together, but if you have so many other things in common and potential for chemistry, it shouldn’t’ matter if  one person loves to attend hockey games and another likes to attend a concert.  ( At this point let’s face it, no one is attending either at the moment)  

I know a happily married couple that have been together for 35 yrs.  They do almost everything together, except travel.  He doesn’t like it, and she does.  So she goes with her parents, or her kids, or her friends.  She certainly isn’t going to dissolve the marriage since one thing didn’t match up.    I just think so many people are getting caught up in their own likes and dislikes that they are wanting someone to fit perfectly into their lifestyle..  It doesn’t work that way..  Not many things are a perfect fit.. There is always compromise.    I know a couple where the wife goes to Church every Sunday and her husband goes grocery shopping. 

What really matters is that you are both healthy, fit, active and hopefully like a few of the same activities, but that you also have your own independent hobbies that you will continue to do even during your relationship.   I met a man one time who said he loved yoga.   In fact a previous girlfriend had introduced him to yoga.  He didn’t have the girlfriend any more, but he said Yoga would be with him forever.  

So it’s time to open up your mind and heart and if the man you meet and fall in love with doesn’t like Country music, well that’s ok.  In fact statistically women outlive men, so you can get the last word and play “Fishin in the Dark” at his funeral.  Then I will be listening to my True Crime Podcast to try to find out how he died.  
Regardless of what music you like, contact me holmes@wheretheheartis.ca and you can both create your own love song.