Do you remember playing with dozens of kids in your neighbourhood while growing up?
No matter the season, big groups of kids could be found sledding in the winter, playing kick the can in the summer and shooting hoops at the school courts. The attitude seemed to be the more the merrier.
The staff at Kamloops This Week took part in last month’s Santa Claus Parade. We were all decked out in our Retro Rockin’-themed costumes and had our families along for the event.
While waiting for the parade to commence, my co-worker, Kate Potter, recognized a young boy nearby and beckoned her son, Alfie, to come on over.
He immediately obliged and Kate told her son the boy, Haydon, was among a group of kids he used to play with. She suggested they hang out for a while before the parade started. They both happily agreed and skipped off to do their own thing.
“Wow. Imagine if we could do that with adults,” I said,
To which our fearless leader, Tim Shoults, sporting his Santa hat, looked quizzically at me and, with a bit of sarcasm, quipped: “Um, Tara, you do this allthe time with your clients for matchmaking.”
I suddenly had an a-ha moment and it occurred to me he was right. That is exactly what I do. I guess I just wish more people were as open to it as we were when we were kids.
I have seen moms at playgrounds with their kids, gently nudging them to join others at the monkey bars. Now it is me encouraging single people to consider getting together with someone who shares  common interests. It might seem scary and a little unnatural to step out of your comfort zone like that, but it could be well worth it.
It’s December and this could be the perfect month to go on a date, sip on some egg nog view some Christmas lights together.
I am offering free matchmaking this month when you sign up for a three-month membership. If you have a single person on your list, how about giving them the gift of love this year and ask me about gift certificates for matchmaking?
If you are single, happy and want to share that with another person who is in a similar situation, contact me by email at because I think that might be “your person” over there on the monkey bars.