I can’t believe this is my fifth Valentine’s edition of my dating blog.

I am pretty sure If I looked back to the four previous editions, I would have revealed several times my disdain for this day dedicated to lovers.

Thankfully, kids in schools today are encouraged to give a Valentine’s card to every child in their classroom. When I was in elementary school, I recall seeing some students’ Valentine’s pouches so full of cards and goodies that they were falling out of the top. Then there were those kids who received two or three cards. I am guessing they still remember that to this day.  

Some couples fight on Valentine’s Day because one of them didn’t fulfil the others’ expectations and it leaves many disappointed. Then there are the single people who are feeling like they don’t measure up because they don’t have a partner on such an important day.

Screw that noise!

This Valentine’s Day, I want to change the focus to something more important than couple love. I am advocating for love of community. The past year has been tough for so many and it’s time to boost their spirits. I am co-sponsoring a fundraiser to help the Kamloops Brain Injury Association. It is called Love-Care-Share. It’s happening on Friday and Saturday night this coming weekend (Feb. 12 and Feb. 13) and you can pick either date.  

Carly Schmidt from Kamloops Art Party will give us step by step instructions on how to make a beautiful vase. All of the supplies, paints and crafts will be dropped off at your house, along with a treat from Save-On-Foods. You can create the vase by yourself or make it a team effort with your kids, your partner or anyone else living in your home.

Carly will be helping us create a masterpiece that you get to keep. Perhaps you would like to give it to someone special, such as a frontline worker, a health-care employee, a co-worker, a lonely senior in long-term care or someone recovering from COVID-19.

Kamloops is such a generous and kind city. We always step up when needed. The Love-Care-Share event is only $55, money that goes to the Kamloops Brain Injury Association. I am also donating a $50 gift certificate to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory that will go to one of the participants. It is going to be fun, affordable and it for a great cause. Plus, it offers a chance to spread love instead of COVID-19!

If you are looking to surprise someone with a thoughtful Valentine’s gift, this is it. Register them online to participate this Friday or Saturday night for an hour. All the details — including a photo of the vase you will be creating with Carly — are online at www.kbia.ca.

If you are happy and single, contact me via email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca and I will let Cupid know to watch out for you.