I am about to tell you a true story that could very well change your opinion of me. About 15 years ago, when I was in my early 40s, I started noticing I could no longer read the back of the VHS box at the movie rental store. I had to squint to read the newspaper, recipe directions, prescription medications and even the back of a shampoo bottle. I obviously don’t need assistance in how to wash my hair, but I was just testing my eyesight. Yes, I had to admit begrudgingly, I had hit that point in my life where I needed cheaters (reading glasses). I had never had prescription eyewear in my life, so this was all new to me. Interestingly, my husband was having the opposite problem, as he would take his glasses off to read the same items. 

 I was out with some friends for dinner and saw a couple of them pull out their cheaters to read the menu, so I asked to try them. Wow, what a difference! I decided the next day I would get some. My friends suggested I get several pairs so I could have them in different places. Knowing I am prone to losing things, I decided to grab a half-dozen of these little gems.  I know now that many stores and gift shops carry very trendy, beautiful reading glasses that are fantastic, but back then, I thought I would go basic for my first time. I went to a dollar store and fetched six pairs. These babies were working like a hot damn for a while, but over time, I started getting headaches, I was blinking a lot and my eyes were sore. I had no idea what the problem was.

I mentioned to my husband that when I went to purchase the glasses, I was surprised that the dollar store sold the same glasses for different prices. Some were $2.50, others were $1.75, some were $1.50 and I even bought a $3 pair. My husband’s jaw dropped and he looked at me with utter dismay. He told me sternly to never repeat that story. He explained that those weren’t price tags, but numbers indicating the strength associated to those glasses. Before you assume I am a total flake, keep in mind I have never needed glasses in my entire life.

Something occurred to me the other day — that going through all those different glasses is what so many people go through in online dating. You can waste a lot of time and get a lot of headaches in your search. So, I finally went to a professional at Ebata Eye Care and Russell Ebata got me the actual pair I needed, which were progressives. Rather than wasting time going through those online dating apps, let me help you find the perfect fit.    Also, even though I was looking for cheaters, I know you are not. Contact me today by email at at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca as I can see clearly now.