I came across a fascinating statistic this week.
Did you know more women get skin cancer than men, but more men die from the disease? The reason probably won’t surprise you. For the most part, men don’t seek help until it’s too late. It’s not a myth that men don’t go to the doctor as often as they should. It’s also a well-known fact that men will not surrender to ask for directions, no matter how lost they get. If a piece of furniture comes with an instruction manual, men will likely put it aside.
I often wonder why men feel that requesting assistance on some of these tasks makes them feel vulnerable and somewhat less manly.
It is not rational to be stuck in the middle of a strange town or city and not ask a passerby for directions to the nearest coffee shop. The only time men seem to resort to asking these questions is on the Amazing Race, when there is prize money at the finish line.
Some women do like men who take the lead and who are self-reliant, stoic, autonomous creatures. However, if you ask any woman if that means sitting in the passenger seat of a car for an extra hour with a man so stubborn that he refuses to roll down the window, they will tell you otherwise. In addition, men who won’t seek counselling services also frustrate women.
This brings me to my current curiosity, which is why it takes men so much convincing to let me help them find a suitable match.
I have more than a dozen happy couples who have been together for between five months and two years. On the weekend, I met up with one of those couples, who are now engaged. They are happy and in love and it brought me so much joy to see them together.
If that man had not originally rolled down his window and asked me for directions, he would not have found the amazing, gorgeous, kind lady with whom he is smitten. Likewise, if that woman had been reluctant and declined when I first suggested she go on a meet and greet with this man, she would not be sporting that massive rock on her finger.
I’m not saying every couple needs to get engaged. But if more men were willing to give personalized matchmaking a shot, they would be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. Men are on Plenty of Fish and Tinder and even let ladies make some of those decisions on Bumble. If these men saw the quality of incredible women I have at my finish line, they would be lined up at the matchmaking starting gate.
Guys, hear me out: go to the doctor, read the instructions, ask for help and, for God’s sake, roll down your window and ask me for directions. You don’t have to roll it all the way down — just a tiny opening is enough for me to give you a starting point.
Here’s another fascinating fact: If you can believe it, it was actually two men who started one of the biggest self-help groups in the world in 1935. If you can tell me the name of that organization, I will draw for a $50 gift certificate to Save-On-Foods and give it to a lucky winner. If you are a single, happy person and OK with a bit of direction in your life, contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca