Last week, I was doing some pretty intense prospecting.
I seemed to be asking everyone I talked to if they knew any great, single women in two different age groups: 25 to 37 and 50 to 60. The one thing in common I am looking for in all of these women is that they are active, fit, healthy and independent. 
Most people kept saying how surprised they were to learn I was looking for females. They said they were under the impression I had a huge imbalance in numbers, with far too many single women compared to men.
While this may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean any of the women I have met with are matches for the men for whom I am working. This is the main difference between online dating apps and personalized matchmaking. There is always specific criteria I am looking for in both men and women.  Just because someone is a non-smoker and in the same age group does not necessarily mean they are a match for somebody else. This is not a cookie-cutter approach.

It is actually more like putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces. The corner slots are all completed, as they were easier to solve, and now there are quite a bit of empty spaces in the middle that need attention.
For example, here’s some puzzle pieces I need to fit in some of these holes. I am looking for a woman between 27 and 37 who is fun, fit, adventurous, outdoorsy, doesn’t take herself too seriously, likes dogs, is open-minded and wants to be a mom.
I am also looking for a woman between 40 and 45 who likes to travel, who is maybe a bit more non-traditional and who is active, but not a marathoner.

As you can see, there are very specific qualities about people’s lifestyle that I try to match up. Of course, I am always looking for men. I would like to have a big pile of puzzle pieces that are men of all ages. The one age group of men that is most in demand right now is 60 to 70. The thing is, and sorry, guys, but it’s true, I just can’t seem to find men in that age category who can match the fitness levels of women.
The ladies love to kayak, cycle, play pickleball and go hiking. They also have obviously looked after themselves over the years as they are very attractive. So, if you know any men who sound like they fit that description, please have them contact me. There is never any obligation to go on dates, but I am happy to explain the process, just in case. I don’t believe in pressuring someone to date. They need to be ready and wanting to do it.
One of the more unique requests I had recently was from a woman. She is a wonderful lady who is retired and likes to be on the go. The thing is, she isn’t actually looking for a man. Nor is she gay. She has found now that she is on her own, that all of her friends are married or busy with grandchildren, and she would love to connect with other ladies in the same scenario to perhaps do some hiking or enjoy some wine tours. If you are a lady in a situation like this, let me know and I can get another piece of the puzzle solved. 

Another scenario I have is the many new people to Kamloops. Some of them are young and don’t know how to meet people. While a relationship would be nice, they just want to start by getting to know who lives here. I always suggest they volunteer. So many organizations need help and it’s not only a great way to meet wonderful new friends, but also by giving back, you will no doubt feel rewarded.
Joining a sports club or organization would also help. I have been told there is a Meet Up Kamloops or Friends of Kamloops group, which is kind of like the contemporary version of Welcome Wagon. These people are not sure how to find you, so let me know and I can put another piece of the puzzle together. 
As a matchmaker, I want to help people find who they are looking for. It could be a soul mate, a running partner, a friend, a spouse, a travel buddy or a partner for life. By sending single people to me, we can finish this puzzle together.
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