I have a secret. There is something about myself I don’t often tell others, but I am now going to admit. Here goes: I am not smart.  There, I said it. I am not dumb, either, but I definitely don’t fit into the intelligent category.  I made it through high school as a C+ and B student (A in gym and D in algebra).  I received a Broadcast journalism diploma from BCIT.

While I am not smart in the sense of the word,  I consider myself clever, creative and I have a good grasp on what is going on in the world around me. I follow current events locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. There could be someone reading this with two degrees, yet they may not know the name of the new Governor General of Canada.  Or even the name of the bully she is replacing.  I also have common sense.  Someone extremely intelligent may not realize why it is vital to obtain a cohabitation contract before you move in together, or they may not have gotten their COVID-19 vaccination, like their smart doctor suggests. 

You may have heard comparisons made between book smarts and street smarts.  It is quite an interesting detailed dissertation.  When I have clients tell me they would like a smart partner, I usually get some clarification.  I was working for a doctor who told me it is not important I find someone with an education as it is that I find someone who is passionate about what they do.  If someone is motivated and positive about making a difference, it doesn’t matter if they are a mechanic, janitor or chef. Ultimately, what truly matters with a partner, is that you have chemistry.  (I was terrible at that in school, too.) 

I have clients who love to travel — some for culture and others for the all-inclusive margaritas.  I have met people who love to read books and others who read the stock market. You may know that I have a weird obsession listening to true crime podcasts. One interesting tidbit is that some of the most notorious serial killers actually have high IQs. Two, in particular, are Ed Kemper and Jeffrey Dahmer. So being smart is not the be-all, end-all.

Let’s face it, if people have reached out to me, it means they have the common sense to know it is more effective in meeing a better match, than sitting wasting time swiping endlessly on Tinder.  
In the words of Sam Cook’s 1960 song, “I don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology, don’t know much about science books, don’t know much about the French I took, but I do know that I love you, and I know that if you loved me too, What a wonderful world this would be.”
If you would like to meet someone book smart, street smart or even a smart ass, I have got you covered. Contact me today at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca