We have come to that time where we have stopped the “Happy New Year” well wishes, and we are starting to give up on some of those well intended New Years resolutions, and for some, those after Christmas bills are rolling in.  Not to mention Monday is apparently the saddest day of the year.  With all of this pressure, it can make dating a little daunting on the pocket book, but I have some amazing suggestions from people for those dating on a budget, and in my opinion these ideas are far more fun and romantic than a fancy dinner any day!  These ideas would also be great for married couples too so keep this handy, and get out dating. 
 -Visit an art gallery or museum- Bowling- Go shopping for ingredients and make a meal together- Netflix- Board games- Stroll through Riverside park and watch the swans on the river- Window shopping- Pottery class- Skating- Snowshoeing- Open Mic night- Walk around Macarthur Island and go for hot chocolate- Drive to Sun Peaks and wander the village- Cooking class- A picnic in the snow with a warm blanket, wine, hot chocolate, and sandwiches and build a snowman- Walk dogs together- and the most popular suggestion was hiking or snowshoeing in the trails and build a bonfire and roast marshmallows or hot dogs.  Considering building bonfires is no longer a summer activity due to the wildfires, it makes perfect sense to make it a winter tradition.
Dating does not have to be expensive.  I also feel dating should not always be the responsibility of the man.  I think that both men and women can take turns picking up the tab in the early stages of dating.  This can be the most awkward time of the date when the bill appears.  If the man gets the first coffee date, perhaps the woman can suggest next time is her turn.  This can be a strategic way to also hint that you are in fact interested for another date.  If you aren’t and feel like offering to split the tab that is fine as well.   If one of the people absolutely insists to take care of the bill, that is great, but an offer to pay your part can go a long way as well.  While most men feel they would like to pay, I don’t think just expecting them to always pay is right either.  I know this can be a tricky situation but if you really can’t afford to take someone out to dinner right now, you have just been given some fabulous alternatives. I have heard from some women that they have been told by a man he has to wait until payday for a date.  I am guessing this must be from Plenty Of Fish. The men who I meet with would never say that.  Remember, you get what you pay for.  If you are a happy single person of any age, contact me holmes@wheretheheartis.ca and pack up the marshmallows cause I have a snowshoeing partner for you.