Ten days from today is Halloween.  This event, like every other one since Friday March 13th will look very different.  There are guidelines set out on the BCCDC website for Covid Safety protocol on ideas on how to keep Halloween safe and fun for kids.  This year Oct 31st falls on a Saturday night, so for the 19+ crowd, it would have been a busy fun night of costume parties at bars and clubs with lots of dancing, prizes, and great live music.  This year there no doubt would have been some hilarious costumes to have fun with.  I am guessing Joe Exotic would be one of the top 10 choices, also Donald Trump is a no brainer ( literally), or how funny would it be to have a Mike Pence ( white wig with a big black fly in the centre), with Joe Biden holding a fly swatter.  The most popular costume would probably be a big round, grey, scary looking circle with red prickly points sticking out which of course is the image for Covid 19.   I am not sure what would be scarier on my doorstep on Halloween.  Covid or Trump..

This Halloween there is one opportunity we all have to take advantage of a costume that we never have before.  We can be creative with our Covid masks.  I am sure you have already noticed many custom masks promoting sports teams, a cause, or your own business.   Many months ago, I jumped on the bandwagon and had masks made with my business logo as well.  It’s a great way to get some free advertising.   There are also some very pretty fashionable masks that some people have to match different outfits.   Let’s face it- Masks are here to stay until there is a worldwide vaccination that has been distributed to all Countries.  If you have been holding out on the mask wearing, it’s a good time to surrender as many places are now mandating face coverings.  

I have been hearing from clients lately, that their dealbreakers include someone who feels wearing a mask is having their rights taken away.  They hope to meet someone who wears a mask because they know it’s the right thing to do.  Think of it like wearing a seat belt.  It’s nice to have the security just in case.  We don’t get in our car planning on getting in an accident but we know wearing a seat belt will be an added layer of protection.  

The masks I am more concerned with are the filters that people have on their devices that can alter their looks.  It is mostly women who are using these filters to narrow their faces, smooth out their skin, lengthen their eyelashes, raise their cheekbones, that by the time a potential match sees this photo they won’t recognize the woman when they meet in person.   I think it’s so sad that so many women feel under pressure to change their appearance.  I need these women to know that men don’t like the filtered look.  They don’t trust a person who can’t send pictures of their true selves.  Please stop using filters.  The best photos are the ones with lifestyle pictures showing who you are and your personality..  Take some photos hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, and if you would like to include a more formal shot, for sure send along one from a party where you were dressed up with hair and make up done.  The only filters you should be using are the ones in your furnace.  

By all means you can include a photo with your covid mask as well.  After all these face coverings will no doubt be a souvenir one day.  Maybe 2 years from now we will be able to put them in a time capsule and much like we look back at the photos of the Spanish Flu Epidemic where ladies were wearing gowns with masks, we will be the ones in those historical photos when 50 and 100 years from now people look back on 2020-21 and see what we looked like.  

Maybe your grandchildren will talk about how their Grandparents fell in love during this pandemic and they will have your face masks as a souvenir of your love story.  If you would like to be a Covid love story, and you are happy and single, contact me today holmes@wheretheheartis.ca    Have a safe and Happy Halloween.