I remember a day, many years ago, when I happened across the Golf Channel on TV and heard the commentator talking about a golf lesson Tiger Woods had recently taken.I found it astonishing to think that the world’s best golfer needed to improve his game.We recently witnessed a historical sporting moment when 19-tear-old Bianca Andreescu defeated Serena Williams, one of the the top tennis players in the world, in the U.S. Open. This certainly does not mean Bianca no longer needs a coach. In fact, many professional athletes would tell you that reaching that level of success presents much pressure as it’s even harder to maintain that level of success. Therefore, they feel the need to not only have a coach, but an assistant and mental-performance trainer, as well. 

 Kamloops has many gyms. There are also dozens of well-known personal trainers who offer custom workouts to clients in their home or a fitness facility. I know some people who have been seeing the same trainer for more than five years and they are already totally ripped, healthy and have an incredible physique.Even though they have reached this level, they still continue to rely on their trainer to push them to stay motivated. I saw on an Ask Kamloops post on Facebook in which an athletic person was asking for recommendations on a fitness trainer in town. While everyone was making suggestions, nobody laughed and said, “Why on earth would you need a trainer?”

Recently, a happy client of mine told a group of people at a social outing that he met his amazing new girlfriend through my service. One of the onlookers replied, “I am surprised someone like you needed help.”This type of comment infuriates me, but I take it as an opportunity to educate and inform people.  Would this person walk up to a buff guy at the gym working out with a trainer and say, “Gee, I can’t believe a guy like you needs help”?I have gone on Plenty of Fish to look around and see what’s happening over there and I can tell you there are many people in need of a personal trainer and, quite frankly, a photographer. I also had a browse through Tinder and, judging by the duck lips and cleavage, I felt great knowing I am obviously filling a big void in this market with a personalized service.You would not believe how many single, attractive, high profile or successful  people there are in Kamloops. They never get asked out. They also will not put themselves on public dating apps as they have careers — doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, teachers and counsellors — that preclude posting such public profiles.They all like the idea that I can act as their agent and discreetly connect them to someone wonderful who has better things to do than stand in a bathroom taking selfies.  Touring bands all have agents and concert promoters. These folks are in charge of being sure to research the venue, the tickets, the city and the history of shows in that town. That way, the band just shows up and puts on a great concert. They don’t have to deal with all the extra work. The band just does what it does best — perform.I am like that agent. I do the research and make sure this person is exactly what my client is expecting. So, all he has to do is show up. 

 Samantha Daniels is a matchmaker in New York and she recently opened an office in Los Angeles due to rising demand from celebrities. Many of her celebrity clients don’t want to be matched up with another celebrity, so they rely on Daniels to help them. You would think these Hollywood A listers could could just stroll up, snap their fingers and have a date on each arm. Truth be told, that is a fair statement, but finding the perfect match is a totally different story. So, no matter who you are, if you feel you want to up your game and be more productive with your time, let me be your agent and you just may be surprised who I think a match for you might be.  I don’t think Bianca has time to date right now, but I do have some clients who love tennis, so if you are single and happy, email me at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca.