’Twas a week before Christmas and all through our town, Events and parties were cancelled, but that won’t keep us down.

We are only to have Christmas with our immediate bubble, Don’t break the rules, otherwise there is trouble.

It’s just one Christmas they are asking this of us, In the big picture of our lifetime, it’s not that much fuss.

We have FaceTime, computers and don’t forget Zoom, There should not be a party of people in your living room.

There’s a light now we can see, of course thanks to Pfizer, I know you will get vaccinated as now you are wiser.

Until then let’s calm down and do what we can, If you don’t, chances are they’ll find something else to ban.

Kamloops is strong and we know what to do, We have already been through this in 1918’s Spanish Flu.

Kamloopsians are kind and we step up to the plate, We need to focus on love and release all that hate.

Our New Year’s resolution should be one simple task, Cover up your smile by putting on your mask!

You can still nod and give a wink of your eye, To your fellow Kamloopsians as you pass them by.

The biggest thing that will help so our businesses won’t be gone, Is shop local please, not online with Amazon.

Petland, Tumbleweed Toys and, of course, Runners Sole, Without these stores, our city would be in a big hole.

Our local stores pay taxes and there’s another reason to thank, They donate generously to our community and the Kamloops Food Bank.

Now more than ever, it’s time to do our part, Shop, eat and date local, it’s good for your heart.

2021 will be still hard for a lot, It could be a year before everyone’s had their shot.

Think of how exciting it will finally be,  To have Ribfest, Hot Nite and live theatre at WCT!

So this Christmas let’s not focus on what we have missed, Think instead of that first time under the mistletoe you were kissed.

Think of your first Xmas day when you were a child, One day we’ll look back on this one and say, “ Wow How Wild,”

If you have a partner, a friend or kids and good health,  Then, honestly, that’s far more important than wealth.

We have lost some great people, let’s not lose any more, Like Katherine McParland and Gordon Gore.

Let’s honour their memory and do something kind, And realize there are many now who are in a tough bind.

Some are getting chemo, while others are in pain, Addiction, mental health, for many life is a drain.

So, let’s look out our window first thing Xmas morn, Life will go on and more babies will be born.

Tell your family you love them or play a virtual game,  One thing for sure, this Christmas will never be the same.

If you are one of the couples I helped find love,  It wasn’t just me, I had some help from above.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason, May you all have a blessed Christmas and the best of the season.