I love going to the movies. I’ve even been known to hit up two movies in one weekend.
And, of course, during the first 10 days of March, I pretty much live on popcorn at the Kamloops Film Festival.  Last weekend, I ran into a friend at the theatre and, as we were walking in, I asked her what she was going to see. Her answer shocked me.
“I don’t know. We are just going to see what is playing and check it out,” she replied.
I responded as if she told me she was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on the highway. Who does that?
I was so stunned that my mind ended up wandering while I was watching my movie, which, of course, I had carefully selected after going through trailers, reviews and Rotten Tomatoes. I soon lost my concentration in the movie I was watching as I pictured my friend being disappointed with her flick and even walking out halfway through.
As much as I like movies, there are some I just refuse to watch. I can’t do science fiction or fantasy or anything featuring a long, drawn-out car chase. I even watch all the trailers ahead of time to be sure no alien, hobbit or souped-up muscle car appears on the screen.
My husband always agrees when I make a movie suggestion. I, on the other hand, need to first read the synopsis. There are movies that get crossed off my list based on the title alone. You will never see me buying a ticket to watch AvengersFast and Furious or Blade Runner.
It suddenly occurred to me that I am being hypocritical based on the advice I give my matchmaking clients.
I always say you don’t know if you will have chemistry with someone unless you meet face to face. I also suggest people be open to meeting different types of potential partners than what they are typically drawn to.
I get frustrated when clients make a decision based on someones’ photo, yet here I am doing exactly that with my movie choices. If I see an image for a movie that has swords, explosions or a 1969 Shelby GT 500, I won’t even read about it. I am overcome with guilt right about now.
This awakening brought back a memory from many years ago with my first husband. The kids were little and we had rented a movie to watch once they had gone to bed. We popped it into the VCR and, to my absolute horror, the wrong movie started playing. The movie store employee had accidentally put the wrong film in the case.
A decision had to be made. We watched the movie.
I have no idea what movie we had meant to rent, but I will always remember the name of accidental movie we watched because I actually really liked it. It was a film I would have never intentionally rented — The Man in the Iron Mask, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
This memory made me realize it really is possible to like something or someone even when you didn’t think you were capable of doing so.
I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll be more open-minded if you will be, too. In the meantime, if you have any movie suggestions for me, send them by email to holmes@wheretheheartis.ca. For those folks who may be single and looking to meet up with others, contact me and maybe we can all hit up the movies together.