Have you ever noticed that weird phenomenon when you buy a new car and, suddenly, everywhere you go, you see other people with the same car?
That can also be compared to an odd similarity that seems to be happening with matchmaking.
The first time it occurred, I chalked it up to coincidence. The second time, I thought it was simply happenstance. But after the third time, I did a bit of research and found some facts around this specific circumstance.
I have been contacted by people who have given a lot of thought to the matchmaking process. For whatever reason, they have been single for a long time and what they are currently doing is not working for them. So, after careful consideration, they jump in with both feet and are raring to start  dating.
Lo and behold, a few people reported back to me that they, in fact, have met someone and it wasn’t even through me. One lady was so stunned as she had been single for three years and had never been asked out. Then, after signing up for my services, she was in a deli and a man started chatting her up. From there, they went for coffee and the rest is history.
I had a man tell me that after going on dates set up by me, he felt women in general were paying more attention to him, which led to a new surge of confidence. And, as we know, confidence is attractive (not to be confused with cockiness or arrogance, of course).
Many people are nervous about dating, but after getting some experience under their belts, a good number have said they now look forward to the next date, as opposed to dreading it.
By taking steps to do things for yourself that will make you more confident — such as eating healthy, exercising, spending time with friends and dating — you will find a new spring in your step. Having an open mind and heart to what the universe has in store for you will open the doors to more incredible coincidences coming your way.
If you don’t believe me, I am sure you have heard about what happens to those couples having troubles conceiving a child. They go through tests, they stop drinking, the man will start wearing boxers instead of briefs and the woman will hold her legs in the air after a baby-making attempt — and on and on it goes.
But as soon as they stop thinking about it and relax and let nature take its course, it actually happens — the couple notices their neighbours bought the same car they did. Go figure!
If you are happy and single and interested in meeting new people, contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca.