I remember watching the Donny & Marie variety show in the late 1970s and seeing the siblings sing their duet, A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ’n Roll.I thought of that when I read a man’s profile he sent me regarding his deal-breakers. He playfully stated that perhaps country music would be at the top of the list. He was being tongue-in-cheek with it and I liked that he had a sense of humour. Seeing now how happy and in love he is, I bet he was first in line for Rascal Flatts tickets.When I think of deal-breakers, I tend to consider the big things, like smoking, partying, unhealthy lifestyles and, of course, depending on age, a person’s thoughts on having kids. These things are important.I know a couple who have a fabulous partnership. They are a perfect match (not one of mine).On Sundays, she attends mass and he doesn’t. She told me: “He doesn’t ask me to watch hockey with him, so why would I ask him to go to church with me?”Even having different political views can be an easy trigger for arguments, but if debates can be healthy, factual and respectful, then they can be positive. I am sure marriage counsellors were much busier following the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It’s one thing if a couple does not share the same party as Republicans and Democrats can co-exist under one roof. But adding Donald Trump to the  mix probably caused turmoil in some unions.I met with a man who said he enjoys intellectual conversation and wants to meet a person who fits the bill. He said they don’t have to share his opinion, but he would like them to have one of their own. I agree that it can be tough to not try to push your opinion on your partner, but if you can show strength in gently expressing your feelings, and listening to their opinions, the key then is to move on.  Revisiting and wishing to keep rehash a debate it is where the danger lies.  I have had people tell me they don’t like cats. Fair enough, but unless you have a horrible allergy to felines, would you totally discount an amazing person due to their fondness of Garfield? I have had people tell me they hope to find someone who loves to dance. Again, the person they meet may have so many great qualities and truly be the perfect fit, but if they pass them by just because he doesn’t jump up and do the Floss, is it fair to not consider them as a partner? Imagine if he can make your heart dance. Now that is what truly matters.In all seriousness, the way someone votes, or the music they listen to, or the religion they do or don’t follow should not be deal-breakers as long as they don’t try to change you and all for which you stand.Speaking of standing for something, I am passionate about an issue that is in the news. I have been working for four years on stopping the twice-yearly time change. Regardless if you feel the same, I hope you fill out the survey the provincial government has released to find out if the people of B.C. want to stop changing the clocks twice a yearThe choices are to stay on daylight time permanently or continue to change the clocks each spring and fall. It takes less than two minutes to fill it out and can be found online engage.gov.bc.ca/daylightsavingtime/.If you would like to meet someone who makes your heart dance to any kind of music, contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca.