Finding a single man in Kamloops in 2017 is a little like finding a Cabbage Patch Doll in 1982 or a Tickle Me Elmo Doll in 1996. It’s a challenge as they seem to be in short supply.

I am confident it won’t be too long before I match up the men have managed to reign in. Since I started this column a few months ago, I have set up six couples who are still together, while many others have enjoyed meeting new people.

There is a huge difference in how some people go into the first-date scenario with unrealistic expectations. For example, I have a couple of women who have gone on their first date and reported back: “He was a really great guy and so easy to talk to and will be a great catch for someone, but just not me.” Then there’s the other response: “So far, there’s no red flags and nothing peculiar, so the jury’s out and I’ll get back to you.” It seems while some women want fireworks and chemistry before the barista has even poured their java, others are going in cautious and taking things slowly to work through any early awkwardness and small talk while really getting to know each other. I feel the latter have a better chance at finding love than do the former. One unique situation I encountered was with a woman who, after three dates, told her fella she felt he was more in the friend zone. Apparently, once that happened, there was no pressure and something changed! They are now happily together and appear quite smitten (I love that word). I have joined men and women on a few dates this week and there is one thing everyone has in common: nobody likes the first nervous meet and greet and feel it is more like a job interview.

So, rather than the usual list of familiar questions, perhaps try something different, such as an icebreaker game.

“If you could have dinner with a dead celebrity, who would it be?” “What was your proudest accomplishment?” “What’s your biggest fear?” Right now, my biggest fear is not being able to find that Cabbage Patch Doll! If you are single and happy and would like to share that with someone special, contact me via email at This week, I will draw for a gift certificate to Flavours of India, where you can play 20 Questions while enjoying the amazing view.