A lot of people ask me if I am like the Millionaire Matchmaker on TV.
I have to confess I have never seen the show and, obviously, my net worth pales in comparison.  Apparently, the Millionaire Matchmaker (Patti Stanger) has no filter and is very abrupt with advice.  Not only is she rich, but so are her clients, so I suppose that gives her the right to be blunt with her thoughts.
I am going to get serious here for a minute. For the past two weeks, I have met amazing single men and women in Kamloops. They all claim they understand looks aren’t everything. Yet I still shake my head when I send a potential match to someone and they immediately respond by saying, “Thanks anyway, but he/she is not my type.”
I think they may even skip reading the profile of who the person is and go right to the photo to see what the person looks like — and base their decision on the photo. I wrote a column earlier this year on the topic of chemistry. Please go to my website and find the column, “Eyeballing chemistry,” in my blog section. The point is you won’t know if you will have chemistry with someone until you meet them in person.
When I ask people what they find attractive, they cite confidence, humour, intellect and kindness.
But I honestly feel they require those attributes to be accompanied by tall, dark and thin or well-dressed.
On the weekend, I recorded the ABC newsmagazine program 20/20 as it featured the story of Nathaniel Newman. He is the 13-year-old with Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder characterized by deformities of the ears, eyes, cheekbones and chin.
A movie based on Nathaniel life, Wonder, stars Julia Roberts, and Owen Wilson and is now in theatres. Listening to the real-life family was inspiring and the 20/20 episode featured another man with Treacher Collins syndrome visiting Nathaniel. He is Jono Lancaster and he brought his girlfriend, Laura Richardson. As you can see by her photo, Laura looks like she stepped out of a Vogue photo shoot and didn’t let Jono’s physical difference stop her from seeing him deeper and be totally attracted to him.  This may all sound clichéd, like Beauty and The Beast, but if you are really looking for someone with certain attributes, maybe you should get to know them first before basing your decision on looks alone. Alternatively, you could go online and swipe through photos of perfect-looking people — perhaps they will also be funny, charming, smart, kind, charismatic and rich.
• I will be in the wine section at the Sahali Save-On-Foods store on the night of Wednesday, Nov. 29, for an open house. There will be appies, samples, tastings, great deals on wine and prize draws. We will also draw for a $50 gift certificate. The open house would make for a fun couples night and would be perfect for singles to do some shopping and pick up some VQA on the way out. I would love to meet you. You know who else might like to meet you? Happy single people! I know lots of them. Contact me by email atholmes@wheretheheartis.ca.