If you were to think of one attribute that is the most important to you in a partner, what would it be?I understand it is near impossible to think of just one thing as there are many traits necessary for a lasting, meaningful relationship.That being said, I think it can be narrowed down to a couple important qualities: chemistry and compatibility.The only way to know if chemistry and compatibility are possible is to meet face to face. You need to do this.I have spoken to men and women who have grown tired of falling into the same repeated cycle. They see a head-turner and are immediately drawn in to the game. I am not saying someone who is drop-dead gorgeous with the perfect jawline and symmetrical face can’t have many other redeeming qualities, but it’s interesting how fast that outward beauty disappears when other character flaws emerge.Here are the top seven personality traits that can make someone who was beautiful to begin with suddenly be a big turnoff:1. Emotional instability: While people say they want someone who can show their emotions, this does not mean a person who becomes wildly emotional with verbal or manipulative tendencies when they show signs of dramatic responses to everything.2. Rudeness: As soon as a date shows any sign of a rude comment β€”  either to a server or about someone β€” chances are they just went from a 10 to a 2.3. Self-absorption: When you sit down with that beautiful person and they only talk about themselves and don’t ask any questions of you, or they are continually checking their hair or biceps, it becomes apparent they have a bigger crush on themselves than on you.4. Too accommodating: While this is probably a better trait than rudeness or self-absorption, people really do like someone who can think for themselves and who have an opinion. Those who are a bit passive and often respond with, “Whatever you want”  or β€œIt doesn’t matter to me” are not attractive to their dates. So it’s still possible to be strong and kind and not be a pushover.5. Entitlement: Self-confidence is great, but too much of it can be seen as cocky or narcissistic β€” and acting like the world owes you something is a trait nobody finds attractive.6. Too clingy: When a relationship is new and you are in the honeymoon phase, it’s natural to want to be together all the time. In reality, people need balanced relationships. Those who continue to “need’ to be together or show desperate clingy jealous habits will no doubt cause the partner to run for the hills.7. Low self-esteem: While it’s great to have a partner to pick you up when you are down, there is a line between a bit of a funk and always needing reassurance or compliments due to insecurity. Many times, attractive people can be very insecure. I have had people tell me the leading cause of the end of a relationship is because their partner can’t be strong on their own. Confidence is attractive. Imagine you met someone who is a 7 solely on a physical attraction scale. If they possessed few, if any, of the above traits, they could quickly become a 10. The most important thing is how your partner sees you.  That’s why you need to meet in person.The good news is I am the first person you will meet, so contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca and that let me find someone with whom you will have chemistry and compatibility.