I can’t believe how many “young” people live in Kamloops. In fact, did you know there are only “young” people who live here? There are no old folks or even middle-aged people. You may be wondering what the heck I am talking about, so let me explain. In all the thousands of emails I have received during the four years I have been matchmaking, everybody tells me how “young” they are: “I am a very young 68-year-old,” “I am a youthful 59-year-old” or “I am a young 75-year-old.” Not once has anyone said, “I am 79 and feel my age.” Everyone seems to feel the need to inform me that not only are they really youthful, but even all their friends tell them how young they look.  It’s so interesting because if I were to describe myself right now to a friend, co-worker or even a stranger, I would say, “I am an active 54-year-old who sometimes feels way older than my age. Even though I am fairly fit and pretty active, there is no denying that I feel the aches and pains of my years of acting silly. In fact, when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom, I know I look like an 85-year-old. My joints ache and I need to walk a few minutes to loosen everything up. I don’t like late-night driving, I don’t even like staying up late and I get jumpy at loud cars.” I suppose that does not make me sound very attractive in a dating profile, but it is honest and transparent. 

 One thing I have noticed over the years is that, sometimes, the healthier, active people tend to look older than their age. The beating rays of the sun, the wind and hours out running, skiing and biking tend to do some damage to the skin and some healthy folks wrinkle early and get age spots. There is nothing wrong at all with that as long as they wear sunscreen.  When people say they are “young,” I think they are referring to their attitude and outlook on life. They may be very open-minded and their views on the world may seem quite youthful if they are older. One time, I had a 64-year-old “young” man and I set him up with a 65-year-old “young” woman. He seemed quite surprised to begin with and, after a chat, I explained to him that I am one year older than my husband and I could not understand why the the age was a big deal.  He had what he described as an epiphany and said he now realized that if I see him that way, other women must see him this way. He said he had been looking at the world with 45-year-old eyes and realized the world was looking back at a 64-year-old man. Two years later, he is still with that young 65-year-old (though they are now 67 and 66).

The great thing about matchmaking as opposed to online dating is that Tinder, Bumble and Match are not going to meet you in person or check in on you to see how your date went. They don’t care. You will need to find someone who says they are young and active and you usually know how that turns out. I meet every person face to face and base the matchmaking on equal physical attributes, health and wellness, personality and compatibility. After all that, the only thing for you to determine is if there’s chemistry. The only way to truly find out how “young” someone is is to go on a hike or a bike ride or play some golf or tennis. Actions speak louder than words. If you would like to meet a happy, single, young person, contact me because, apparently, old people don’t exist in Kamloops. My email is holmes@wheretheheartis.ca. Chances are, I will get back to you at 5 a.m. because if it is 9 p.m., I have put my reading glasses away and will turn into a pumpkin after that. Yup, I am old.