If you follow any of my social media platforms, you may have seen a message I have been consistently reminding people about.If you haven’t seen it, here it is: “Attention, singles. Rest assured, you are better off in isolation with yourself than with the wrong person. ”I feel this message is important as I have been hearing from many people who have admitted it would have been nice to have someone special to be with during this time of reflection and isolation. But I also know of some couples who have been together for many years and are not coping well in their union. In fact, this may sound like a bold prediction, but I sense divorce lawyers may be busier than usual once this is all over. I hope I am wrong, but from what I am hearing, it’s a definite possibility.  I was watching one of Dr. Bonnie Henry’s daily press conferences on Facebook the other day and, while watching the comments scroll by fast and furious, one stood out to me. A woman stated her husband believes this is all overblown and he can’t be convinced the pandemic and measures taken are necessary. All I could think of is how difficult it would be to be married to someone on a complete different page during this crisis. It’s one thing to have differing opinions on religion or politics, but to view the pandemic from opposite sides would be tough.  For the man that thinks it may be overblown, I would say losing the NHL, Wimbledon, Olympic Summer Games and Roll up the Rim indicates it is pretty damn serious. I felt sad for the woman and couldn’t help but wonder how her relationship will turn out.

I also know a woman who dissolved her relationship with a man who allowed his teenage daughter to invite a bunch of her friends over during spring break. I am sure there are many more similar stories like this out there. On the positive side, I also think there are going to be many wonderful love stories that emerge from the pandemic. I feel some relationships will be strengthened as partners support each other and they will come out of this more solid than ever. I also believe there will be many love stories that started during the COVID-19 crisis. I am sure you have seen the story that went viral, the tale of the photographer in Brooklyn who was in quarantine and getting some air on his rooftop when he saw a cute girl on another rooftop dancing.  He loved her energy and was feeling the need for connection, so he sent his drone over to her with a note, asking for her number. She texted back and that led to him having her roommate set up a romantic table on her rooftop with a candle. He did the same on his rooftop and they enjoyed a dinner date over Facetime. Finally after getting her name, he asked her out on an official first date — and he rolled up to her place inside a large plastic bubble, clutching a bouquet of flowers. This may seem elaborate and a lot of work, but most people now have time on their hands and being creative and romantic will go a long way in impressing the other person. 

Many other heartwarming love stories are bittersweet. I have seen couples like Hilda and Lew Duddridge in Victoria, who are separated by a window. Lew is 102 and lives in a seniors’ home. Hilda, 95, is upbeat and positive as she arrives outside. They speak on the phone while seeing each other through the window pane. They place their hands on the window together, knowing one day they will again be able to touch each other.  Do I think this is a good time to start a love story? I couldn’t think of a better time. Love will conquer COVID-19.If you would like to take the letters “o” and “v” out of COVID and replace them with the letters “u’ and “p,” I can help. Contact me by email at holmes@wheretheheartis.ca and we can get you ready for social-distance dating.